Training & supervision 

A multi-session clinical immigration evaluation and treatment process aimed to assist and support individuals and families seeking permanent residency in the United States. 

Tony Roman, LISW-CP-S has served as a keynote and session presenter and speaker at over 50 human service related conferences and seminars.  Contact him to schedule a presentation for your agency or next conference.  

Diagnostic assessments

Comprehensive mental health evaluations include a biopsychosocial interview, presenting symptoms, social and trauma related factors aimed to provide an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment recommendations. 

Based on the assessment recommendations, individual and/or family therapy services offer tailored treatment goals with client directed outcomes 

to achieve lasting and meaningful change. 

individual & family therapy


Tony Roman, LISW-CP-S
Tony is passionate about treating, supporting and encouraging others on how to maximize their own abilities to achieve meaningful and lasting change in their personal, family and professional lives. As a licensed clinical social worker, Tony incorporates your unique needs and goals to achieve healthy and balanced emotional, physical and social wellness. Tony offers evening and weekend appointments to accommodate your busy schedule.

Tony has over 15 years of experience providing mental health and substance abuse treatment to individuals, couples, families and groups. Tony has an extensive history of conducting family conflict mediation services and facilitating substance abuse interventions. Tony also offers clinical immigration evaluation services and treatment.

In addition to previous clinical and management roles, Tony also served as an adjunct professor for the Radford University Graduate School of Social Work. Tony has presented as a keynote and session speaker at over 50 human service related conferences, seminars and workshops.