Available Services

Initial Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment
An initial comprehensive clinical biopsychosocial assessment holistically evaluates all faucets of individual and family functioning to determine the presence and extent of a mental health and/or a substance use diagnosis and potential treatment necessity. 


Substance Use Disorder Assessment 
A comprehensive clinical assessment with specific emphasis on determining the presence of a substance use disorder based on present symptoms and past substance use history, if any, and to provide tailored treatment recommendations based on findings. 

CALOCUS Screening Assessment
Child and Adolescent Level of Care Utilization System (CALOCUS) to assist in reccomending the most appropriate treatment environment for your child, foster child or human service client.

Individual Therapy
One-on-one therapy sessions utilizing custom-tailored treatment goals developed by utilizing client feedback and the needs identified in the initial diagnostic assessment.

Family & Couples Therapy 
Sessions may consist of couples counseling, family sessions with children, parents, caregivers or other involved individuals aimed to support the overall goals of treatment through healthy communication and resolving conflict.  

Drug Testing

Drug testing can be incorporated into any of the above listed treatment services or as a separate service.  Roman Clinical Consulting offers both on-site rapid confirmation (instant) qualitative drug screens and quantitative lab confirmed drug screens, which detect substance levels and may detect specimen tampering.


LISW Clinical Supervision

Tony Roman is a licensed South Carolina LISW clinical supervisor.  He offers both individual and group supervision to current LMSW practitioners pursuing clinical independent licensure. 

Agency & Conference Trainings
Tony Roman has conducted over 50 keynote session presentations and trainings for multiple human service agencies and conferences.  Tony specializes in conducting trainings on substance use trends and best practices models on how to identify and coordinate treatment needs.  Please contact Tony for his training schedule, fees and current topic offerings.

Health Insurance Coverage 
Tony Roman, LISW-CP-S, is a South Carolina Medicaid approved provider and also accepts a variety of private health insurance plans.  Please contact us to verify exact insurance coverage availability.

Roman Clinical Consulting accepts payment through a variety of health insurance plans, but you may find treatment easier and less restrictive to self-pay for services.  I accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Service Rates:

  • Initial Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment - $200 
  • Individual, Family or Couples Therapy Session (60 minutes) - $120 per session 
  • Drug Screening - On-Site Rapid Urine 12-Panel Confirmation (Instant) - $25 per test 
  • Individual Clinical Supervision Session - $75 



Referrals can be made by calling (843) 582-7887.  Our referral form can also be downloaded by clicking the button below, and emailed to troman@romanclinicalconsulting.com or faxed to (843) 800-0061.  A confirmation of referral receipt will be provided within 24 hours.